The unfair prize money distribution in Formula 1

Prize money distribution in formula 1

Bernie Ecclestone has made Formula One what it is today. He has left his successors for the way forward of the race series but also some „potholes“. One of them is the distribution of huge prize money totaling almost one billion euros – annually.

This amount will not (simply) be simply distributed to the teams based on the positions in the Constructors‘ Championship. Ecclestone has built up over the years rather an extremely complex system of special payments and bonuses, because he thus secured political backing from the top teams.
The most prominent example is Ferrari: Although the Italian traditional team has not conquered a world title for over ten years, it cuts the largest annual payments.
Or Williams: The sporting descent of the racing sport from England continues and the team in the table cellar. Nevertheless, Williams collects some more prize money than the better placed competition.

In general, the gap in the field is huge: The lowest prize money yield of a team is just 25 percent of what Ferrari through his various bonuses einstreicht.
All this shows our new video. It informs vividly and in detail about which team gets How much out of the prize money pot and sets this also in relation to the entire Formula 1 prize money. It also explains how bonuses and bonuses have historically evolved and grown.
It becomes clear how urgently Formula 1 must bring about a reform here as well. Because the „Ecclestone system“ is more than obsolete.

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